“We believe the Internet of Things will revolutionize how people live and businesses operate – and with our IoT analytics platform, AGT will redefine the market and become the catalyst to make this a reality.”

Mati Kochavi, Founder and CEO,
AGT International

About Us

AGT International: Unlocking the Potential of the IoT

As the IoT expands, it brings online volumes of new information from the millions of new sensors and devices being connected. This expansion creates a new wave of IoT data that we’ve never seen before.   IoT data from sensors is different from the big data you’re using now – it’s more dynamic, and heterogeneous, and unstructured and real-time

IoT data demands IoT analytics.

We apply our IoT analytics to the new wave of IoT data to uncover the patterns and relationships that lead to fresh business insights – insights that create new efficiencies, generate new revenue streams and improve corporate profitability. IoT analytics that will help businesses to create more innovative products and deliver them more efficiently. And enable cities to deliver new services and engage more effectively with citizens. As the premier supplier of specialized IoT analytics and a global IoT pioneer and leader  AGT International is solving real-world problems for businesses and governments all over the world including smart cities, water infrastructure management, energy management, traffic management, critical asset management and large-scale event management.

We have put our considerable expertise and experience in analytics-rich, IoT deployments into an open IoT analytics platform.  Delivering the specialized IoT analytics, data management and visualization capabilities, the platform facilitates the development of IoT applications. And enables applications that would have simply have been too costly and time-consuming to develop without it.  We offer analytics-rich IoT solutions and professional services for IoT solutions.