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Creating innovative, disruptive collaborations

AGT International’s partners comprise businesses and individuals who collaborate with us to develop ideas, applications, architecture, devices and/or services that share synergies with AGT’s vision. Together we aim to drive incremental value to our shareholders, clients and community.

“AGT International’s mission is to unlock the potential of the world at both the business and community level. To do this requires innovative business models, disruptive thinking and daring collaborators.”

– Mati Kochavi, Founder & CEO, AGT International


Partnering with AGT appeals to a broad base of technology visionaries, industry movers, market leaders and client-centric companies.

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Our Partners

AGT’s partners include some of the world’s leading technology firms as well as industrial affiliates across the Middle East, Asia and India. Through Moonscape Ventures, our corporate business development and opportunity fund, AGT also provides financial and other support to exceptional start-ups focused on the Internet of Things, data visualization, media, smart-city technologies and other technologies of the future.

The following is a selected list of AGT partners.



WME | IMG offers an unmatched portfolio of more than 800 owned or managed sports, entertainment, fashion and culinary events, in addition to its roster of leading artists, entertainers, institutions, fashion icons, and athletes. The company also works with some of the world’s top sponsors and advertisers – brands looking to stay on the cutting-edge by finding compelling ways to engage and grow their consumer bases.


Cisco Systems, Inc.

AGT and Cisco Systems, Inc. formed a smart city global strategic alliance that will leverage the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) through edge analytics and cloud technologies in order to dramatically change the way cities are managed and safeguarded. Intelligent networking, virtualized computing and video management software from Cisco combined with AGT’s smart city software platform, sensor gateway and analytics will provide cost-effective and efficient delivery of urban services, including transportation, healthcare, utilities infrastructure, disaster preparedness and personal safety.



AGT and Microsoft have a strategic partnership to drive integrated technology solutions for the global homeland security market. Sharing a belief that the economic benefits of globalization need to be accompanied by inbuilt and sophisticated security technology, the two companies partner to provide government and corporate customers with complete solutions that combine AGT’s software integration capabilities in intelligence, analytics and systems with Microsoft’s technology, security framework and services.


Tata Advanced Systems

To protect and secure India, AGT and Tata Advanced Systems formed a joint venture company called TAS-AGT Systems Limited, that provides integrated security solutions for the protection of critical infrastructure. TAS-AGT’s flagship project ensures environmental safety at Tata Chemical Ltd., a large chemical plant located in Babrala, Uttar Pradesh (UP), India.



AGT and TNO (Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research) partner to implement a flood early warning system (FEWS) in the Yellow River, China. The FEWS collects real-time hydrometric and dike stability data, analyzes the rules of flood formation and movement, improves dike stability forecasting, predicts future flood situations and broadcasts flood warnings.


O’Connor’s & Hitachi

In partnership with O’Connor’s (AGT-O’Connor’s) and consortium partner Hitachi, AGT was selected by the Government of Singapore to participate in a landmark safe-city project: implementation of a multi-agency, intelligent analytics solution to enhance the government’s ability to protect its citizens, critical assets and infrastructure. The solution, dubbed CityMIND, is a unique public safety platform comprising powerful advanced analytics software that provides real-time situational information to relevant government agencies, alerts them to unusual behaviors and patterns, and gives them the necessary information to take swift action in response to potential threats. AGT-O’Connor’s also demonstrated solutions for mega-event management during a showcase at the Singapore Night Race (2013).



AGT and DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) collaborate on applied research around the use of advanced technologies for high-resolution safety, security products and Big Data Artificial Intelligence.  AGT takes research results from DKI and other academic partners and applies them to the business contexts of our target customers. One of our joint projects applies video analytics research results to the problem of automatic vehicle tracking; our work has already produced a usable prototype.

Become an AGT Partner

To learn about becoming an AGT Partner, please contact Thank you for your interest in AGT International.

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