AGT’s IoT Analytics



AGT’s cloud-based IoT analytics platform provides IoT-specific analytics that reduce the time, cost and required expertise to develop analytics-rich, vertical IoT applications.

AGT’s IoT-specific analytics uncover insights, create new information previously not possible, monitor complex environments, make more accurate predictions, and optimize business processes and operations.

IoT data – sourced automatically from real-world smart objects with sensing/actuating, computing and communication capabilities – is exploding, in volume, variety, velocity and veracity, as more, and more intelligent, sensors and devices become connected, in more applications and across more industries.

The massive volume of data generated – IoT data – is not the transaction-oriented business data that you are using today. Coming from millions of sensors and sensor-enabled devices, IoT data is more dynamic, and heterogeneous, and imperfect, and unprocessed, and unstructured, and real-time than typical business data. And it demands more sophisticated, IoT-specific analytics to make it meaningful.

AGT has put its considerable expertise and experience in analytics-rich, IoT deployments into its cloud-based IoT analytics platform. The platform will enable a whole new generation of vertical IoT applications that will drive improved business processes resulting in increased value and new revenue streams.

Our IoT analytics platform solves key problems in IoT analytics, data management and visualization that have traditionally been custom developed for each application. Developers can easily embed the platform components into their applications saving the time, expertise and expense of building the components themselves. These components add specialized IoT-analytics functionality to applications, increasing their value and enabling applications that would have simply have been too costly and time-consuming to develop without them. And the platform integrates easily with existing sensors, network infrastructure and end-user applications.

Below are several use cases that demonstrate the power of IoT Analytics, and how AGT is delivering business value:

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