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Crowd Analytics

Effective monitoring, prediction and management of crowd behavior

Understanding and managing crowd behavior is a critical task in several application domains, including transportation (hub management), mega-events (safety) and retail (operational efficiencies). AGT’s crowd analytics demonstrate how information from multiple disparate sources can be combined to monitor and predict crowd movement in an efficient and effective way, and share information in a distributed working environment.

Generating a real time view of crowds and managing them

Today, monitoring of crowd behavior often centers on human observation of video cameras. This is not only time-consuming and inefficient but also ineffective to create a truly global view of what is going on.

AGT’s analytics engine enables extraction of all relevant information from disparate information sources (e.g., video; social media; audio) and combines it together into a simple yet meaningful view of where crowding is occurring. The collected data can be fed into a simulation engine that facilitates prediction of potentially hazardous conditions that may require immediate action or intervention.

Our analytics include low-level video analytics to extract crowd flow from video streams, and social media analytics to understand crowd mood and sentiment—both in real time. This information is combined with location data and fused into a single, comprehensive view that enables monitoring and analysis of crowd behavior at an appropriate level of detail.

Data streams can also be ingested into a simulation engine, which enables detections of critical conditions and interactive evaluations of “what-if” scenarios to resolve such situations.

Case Studies: Mega Event Management

AGT International has deployed its crowd monitoring analytics at several mega events around the world. Some examples include:

  • 3FM Serious Request (Enschede, The Netherlands) – Fundraising event with 300,000 attendees
  • Tomorrowland (Boom, Belgium) – 360,000 party-goers over two weekends at Europe’s largest electronic music festival
  • Nuclear Security Summit (The Hague, The Netherlands)Delegations from 46 countries, including 38 Heads of State
  • Inauguration of the King (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) – 700,000 spectators at the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander




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