Connected Business

Improved Decision Support & Operations

Businesses have a plethora of new data sources for optimizing operational decisions and maintaining both operational effectiveness and increased safety: Vehicle and people tracking systems, SCADA automation and control and safety subsystems, as well as external intelligence, internal and external databases and even social media inputs. However, the huge quantities of inconsistent data make it difficult to focus on what’s important.

The AGT Connected Business solution helps companies to identify, analyze and respond to risks to both safety and operations. It uses our IoT Platform and IoT Analytics to integrate data from all relevant sources with operational knowledge and existing processes so business leaders can better anticipate events, make smarter decisions, improve daily operations and respond more efficiently.

Utilize Data from Disparate Sources

The AGT IoT Platform takes a device-agnostic approach to data collection. You can take advantage of data from a wide variety of disparate sources without worrying about how to normalize it.

Accelerate Responses

Our IoT analytics automatically identify and alert on behaviors, events and patterns (as defined by system users), notify operators of issues in real-time and guide them through pre-determined response procedures and recommendations when an issue occurs.

Maintain Real-Time Situational Awareness

The AGT solution delivers a comprehensive, constantly updated situational awareness picture for the benefit of operators and decision makers.

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