Business Resiliency & Information Management

Improved Efficiencies for Corporations and Critical Sites

Our innovative IoT cloud-based business resiliency and information management solution delivers real-time situational awareness, ensuring the safety and security of people, critical assets and operations; superior control of incidents, emergencies and crises; and business resiliency.

With both corporate and site (oil and gas, and mining) applications, AGT International’s IoT business resiliency solution ensures business continuity by identifying, monitoring, analyzing and visualizing relevant safety, security and operational risks. We provide real-time decision support to enable effective and safe daily operations, and superior handling of emergencies, incidents and crises.

An increasingly complex geo-political landscape. Increased threat and risk levels. Greater public expectations surrounding health, safety, regulatory and environmental issues. These challenges make operations more complicated for corporations and site operators in the extractive industries. As a result, companies need real-time intelligence-led solutions to help them protect people, data and the environment; secure assets; ensure uninterrupted business operations; and minimize reputational risk.

Improve Situational Awareness, Incident Management and Decision-Making with AGT’s IoT Platform & Analytics

AGT’s Business Resiliency & Information Management Solution helps companies in the extractive industries to identify, analyze and mitigate threats and risks to safety, security and operations. Driven by our innovative IoT cloud-based technology platform and deep domain expertise, our solution generates unique and actionable insights for decision-makers, integrating data from all relevant sources with our clients’ operational knowledge and existing processes to help them better anticipate events, make smarter decisions, improve daily operations and handle incidents more quickly and efficiently.

Our Business Resiliency & Information Management Solution:

  • Collects and stores for processing information from multiple IoT subsystems and sensors
  • Fuses, filters and applies advanced IoT analytics to collected data in order to identify the most relevant information
  • Visualizes relevant information using layers to increase situational awareness
  • Provides a complete suite of incident management tools for tiered response procedures
  • Delivers integrated applications for corporate safety, security and incident management
  • Delivers specific safety, operations and security applications for oil, gas and mining production sites
  • Is scalable, flexible and modular, and built in consultation with our customers
  • Supports a wide variety of other integrated partner applications and analytics


Key Benefits

AGT’s Business Resiliency & Information Management Solution supports efficient and safe operations, and mitigates the impact of emergencies and incidents on people, assets and the environment.

  • Real-time organization-wide and site-specific common information picture
  • Proactive corporate and site-specific risk identification, assessment and mitigation
  • Improved prediction, readiness and management of events, emergencies and incidents
  • Effective site operations resulting from the fusion of, and application of analytics to disparate safety, security and operations-IoT data from key production processes
  • Stronger collaboration between internal and external stakeholders
  • Enhanced compliance with best-in-class emergency procedures
  • Continuous learning and improvement through event debriefings


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