Business Resiliency & Information Management


Information Management

Automates data collection and management; integration of databases, IoT sensors, systems and online information; data fusion, analysis and dissemination; and alerts.

Advanced Analytics & Modeling

Automatically identifies abnormal events and patterns (in real time) as defined by domain experts and system users.

Incident Management Suite

A comprehensive suite of incident management tools enables efficient collaboration and supports individual, site and operations activities.

Visualization / Situational Awareness

Delivers a real-time common information picture that integrates disparate information from multiple domains and is visualized in a multi-layered scheme over GIS, disseminated to all users.


Business Resiliency & Information Management Solution – 3-Screen Dashboard


Risk Management & Audit Trail

Helps users monitor alerts and risks at the site and corporate levels.

Exercises & Simulations

Situation playback and simulations are available for audits and debriefings; exercises and reference scenarios enhance readiness.

Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Integration

Design, integration and organization-wide implementation of best practices and operational procedures from different domains.

Interconnectivity & Collaboration

Connects IoT data and devices from diverse (new and legacy) systems, enabling effective collaboration between departments, functions and geographically dispersed individuals.

Decision Support

Situation-specific first-responders procedures linked with standard operating procedures and CONOPS provide first-responders and decision-makers with instructions for dealing with routine operations, emergencies and crises.

The bottom line: AGT’s Business Resiliency & Information Management Solution supports efficient and safe operations, and mitigates the impact of emergencies and incidents on people, assets and the environment.

Professional Services – Ensuring Operational Excellence

AGT International offers a full suite of professional services  to support our business resiliency and information management customers. These include training and coaching programs and design-implementation of turnkey security systems and logistics support (ILS), which together ensure that our solutions continually meet your operational requirements.


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