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Make Transmission and Distribution Grids Safer and More Resilient.

AGT International’s electric transmission and distribution solutions combine technology and advanced analytics to make transmission and distribution grid infrastructure more resilient. We help ensure business continuity and improve the safety of critical assets, people, processes and data.

Increased incidents of security breaches, copper theft, vandalism, terrorism, cyber-attacks and extreme weather events require that electricity infrastructure be more resilient to internal and external threats, both physical and cyber. Developments such as automation, smart grids, distributed power generation and new substations and linear infrastructure as well as new industry, environmental and safety regulations only add to the need.

Enable Resilient, Smart Infrastructure with AGT’s Internet of Things Platform


Using a unique approach, AGT’s SafeGRID™  solution brings together technology and advanced analytics to make infrastructure more resilient, ensure business continuity and improve the safety and security of critical assets, people and data. SafeGRID is the only solution in its class that increases efficiencies and lowers costs related to operations and maintenance while providing immediate and long-term returns on investment.


Our technology combines smart sensing and advanced analytics to make visible the real-time status of all critical assets in a single operational picture—accessible from anywhere—for all decision-makers and operators.

Flexibility & Customization

AGT International works closely with its customers to understand their unique needs and provide a tailored solution that integrates with legacy systems as appropriate. Delivery is available via turnkey and software-as-a-service (SaaS) models.

Learn how our solution is helping to solve energy-related challenges in Finland.

Key Benefits

SafeGRID delivers immediate and long-term ROI


  • Higher resiliency, more reliable supply
  • Business continuity
  • Less risk, owing to better operated and maintained sites
  • Improved efficiencies and lower operational and maintenance costs
  • High return on investment, including immediate ROI with a managed-service approach



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