SafeGRID™, AGT International’s electric transmission and distribution solutions provide operators and decision-makers with enhanced visibility and a range of capabilities that facilitate improved safety, operations and maintenance.


AGT International’s Asset Integrity, Maintenance & Security (AIMS-e) monitoring and management system for distributed electric substations ensures continuous operations, efficient maintenance and faster, less costly recovery from emergencies. Customers protect their critical assets and reduce maintenance and operating costs—all while ensuring the delivery of reliable service.


Smart Site Protection & Risk Mitigation

AIMS-e protects against copper theft and damage to expensive equipment that can lead to power outages and dangerous conditions. Intrusion-detection sensors and live video streams alert operators to instances of unauthorized site access (or attempted access) and help to identify perpetrators.

Centralized Access Control and Management

A centralized, remote access control and gate management system integrates with employee and other internal databases to improve site safety and operations and streamline management of access to inspectors, maintenance staff and repair crews. Personnel safety is enhanced with the aid of real-time video streams viewed from a centralized control center. Additional monitoring and reporting of maintenance activities help to improve performance.

Smart Emergency Management

Emergency response times are faster with AIMS-e due to integrated business processes that help reduce down-time and related costs. In an emergency, AIMS-e presents operators with real-time visibility including incident location, the whereabouts of maintenance and security staff and estimated repair times and costs. AIMS-e also delivers pre-determined response procedures, helping operators and response teams to not only make faster, smarter decisions, but act with greater purpose and confidence.

In emergencies and even during normal operating periods, AIMS-e makes all data — including video records, LPR detections and other intelligence — readily available to operators and investigators through a simple, shared interface.

Advanced Analytics

Our advanced analytics reveal the real-time status of substations, linear assets and generation facilities as well as people and network. All stakeholders work from a single operational picture.

Concept of Operations (CONOPS)

AGT International embeds company-specific standard operating procedures in our solution in order to guide operators through event-management processes.

Collaboration Platform

Our SafeGRID solution gathers and analyzes data from multiple sensors and other sources, then “pushes” relevant, situation-specific intelligence to the right people (including field-based personnel) at the right time. In so doing we remove departmental silos that often result in inefficiencies and higher costs.

Professional Services – Ensuring Operational Excellence

Our professional services include consultation, integration and implementation, support and maintenance, training and service-based contracts.


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