AGT’s success relies on continual innovation. Our research facilities in Darmstadt comprise over 100 world-class researchers. Projects currently underway focus on advances in smart technologies, big-data analytics, wide-area sensing and monitoring, audio analytics, traffic management, license plate recognition (LPR) and facial recognition.

PeerEnergyCloud project

Extending coverage into the last mile of the grid

AGT International and several other research organizations collaborated on the PeerEnergyCloud project, winner of the Land of Ideas Innovation Award (2012).

Using innovative recording and forecasting methods, AGT and its collaborators developed load curves that optimized power flow and enabled the establishment of the first virtual marketplace for power trading within the so-called “micro-grids.” This marketplace helps to balance energy demand and supply at the local level, which in turn reduces stress on the national grid. The bottom-up approach helps to increase overall network stability and reduces the need for costly upgrades to national grid infrastructure.

AGT International provided a technical solution to extend analytics into the last mile of the grid while capturing measurements from smart buildings located along distribution lines. When added to AGT’s advanced analytics engine, these new inputs yield better data, enhanced decision-making, reduced operations and maintenance costs and improved network quality.



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