Industrial Sites


AGT International’s solutions are modular and easily adapt to rapid changes within an industrial environment, ensuring the protection and well-being of employees, operational facilities and the surrounding community.

Single Point of Visibility

We provide a range of offerings that enable operators to identify and manage safety and operational risks facing their facilities. By integrating information gathered from sensors, open sources and human experts into a central command and control, facility operators can predict, prevent, prepare for and manage multiple risks to their operations including theft, sabotage, cyber breaches and industrial espionage.

Chemical Plants

We help chemical industry customers by providing tools that monitor persons, production and toxic materials as well as the surrounding environment and employee conditions.

Production & Operation

Our tailored solutions secure the flow of people and goods to and from a facility and provide operators with tools to effectively handle hazardous materials.

Hierarchical, Centralized Information Management

Our centralised information management integrates data from distributed sites (geographies) into a central location, enabling cross-department collaboration (between security, safety, operations, maintenance and automation) and eliminating redundancies. A simple user interface and executive dashboard provide a real-time snapshot of any abnormal situation.

Access Management

We provide a suite of software and hardware technologies that enable operators to monitor and control access to employees, vendors, visitors and vehicles across different zones based on role or function. Our access management offering integrates identity verification capabilities such as facial recognition, biometrics and LPR systems, along with cameras, x-rays and video analysis to generate to secure our customers’ vital assets and confidential materials.

Employee Advisory

We advise employees of events and conditions that may affect their safety and well-being.

Disaster Management (C2)

We enhance the performance of emergency response systems and first responders by integrating existing operational, surveillance and dispatch systems with ad-hoc deployments of mobile sensors and communication components. The command and control suite offers comprehensive disaster management and response capabilities including alarm and event handling, dispatch support, monitoring of primary and backup units, multi-agency collaboration and recommended courses of action.

Sensor Suites

A suite of fixed and mobile sensing technologies supports visual, audio and environmental data acquisition. By using fixed and mobile platforms as well as online data sources such as social networks and feeds, our offering forms permanent or ad-hoc deployments that gather and transmit real-time data for integration and fusion by collection and analysis systems.

Environmental Health

We deliver support to facility operators in order to ensure compliance with environmental standards and regulations. By integrating data from environmental sensors and displaying it on a geographical information system (GIS) map, our solution enables operators to track emission and radiation levels in and around an industrial facility, predict increases in undesirable elements in the environment and provide alerts when levels rise beyond pre-defined limits.

Deep Web and Social Media Monitoring

AGT International’s Social platform constantly searches publicly shared information across all online sources, including web pages, social networks, video-sharing platforms, blogs, microblogs, forums and RSS feeds. Our platform provides a powerful set of automated investigation and analysis tools that enables customers to identify and derive actionable insights related to risks and threats, business opportunities, entities of interest and events.

Simulation & Modeling

We help operators to predict, monitor and manage the industrial environment. By using information sources such as deployed sensors and historical data, the system displays layered geo-spatial information regarding the facility’s real-time and predicted environment. Facility operators  use this information to simulate the impact of various events, incorporating available and required resource data to generate dynamic plans and operational recommendations.


Professional Services – Ensuring Operational Excellence

Drawing from our extensive experience in risk and threat analysis, CONOPs definition development, penetration and vulnerability testing, cyber security and solution design, we offer a full suite of professional services to support our industrial sites offerings.




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