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AGT International tackles the challenges involved in managing one of the most complex modern environments – the 21st century city. Our Connected City solution is based on CityMIND, the Internet of Things (IoT) platform. It enhances and accelerates decision-making by providing the actionable intelligence to create a safe, efficient urban environment, attracting residents, commerce, and tourism.

crowded busy city inc tramIs Your City Competitive?

Rapid urbanization in developing regions is a global trend that will shape the future of our world. Increasingly, future generations will spend the majority of their lives in urban settings where they will grow up, go to school, and work.

As cities grow in size, number and complexity, city services will be stressed to their limits – and sometimes beyond them.

Cities have also become the centers of economic growth with well over half of the world’s population now living in cities, generating more than 80% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP).

In an increasingly global business environment, cities will be competing harder than ever before to attract the investment, business and talent that create employment, foster innovation and generate wealth.

The challenges facing cities are exacerbated by squeezed budgets due to slower global economic growth.

Growth in cities plus the economic squeeze will put a major strain on services, creating challenges in environmental management and restricting the growth of poverty.

In today’s digitized world, the IoT provides a huge amount of data from sensors such as traffic counters, train/metro counters, water level and air pollution monitors. It reports on weather and readiness status from major facilities such as power plants, power grids, chemical/hazardous material plants, and hospitals; and web-based information from social networking sites.

The key is to use advanced technology to narrow the gap between data that is collected and that which can be processed and used – to identify the relevant information within the wealth of information rather than being overwhelmed by it.

Gartner predicts that the total economic value-add for the Internet of Things will be $1.9 trillion dollars in 2020. Based on that, AGT calculates that the economies of the world’s ten richest cities could be increased by an additional $67 billion if this potential could be realized today.

We are fast approaching the time when the world’s most successful cities will be those that leverage the digital footprint of the IoT and fulfill its promise of economic and social benefits.

City solutionCityMIND: the IoT Platform for Cities

Our Connected City solution, based on the CityMIND platform, is a central public safety system that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT).

It lowers operating costs and increases efficiency through automation, integrating with and leveraging existing systems and incorporating new technologies and capabilities through software upgrades.

CityMIND is used for these primary applications: law enforcement, traffic managementenvironmental monitoringtransportation hubscitizen services  and urban healthcare management.

Our Connected City solution collects data from a constant stream of sources including sensors such as video and face recognition cameras and LPRs, databases, and social media inputs.

The collected data is then processed and converted by our advanced analytics into a comprehensive, constantly updated picture of the urban environment – a Unified Situational Awareness Picture (USAP) for decision-makers. A large number and wide variety of sources generate a richer picture.

Our analytics automatically identify and alert on abnormal behaviors, events and patterns (as defined by system users), notify operators of potential threats and incidents in real-time and guide them through pre-determined response procedures and recommendations that come up automatically when an incident occurs.

One of the biggest challenges is the vast amount of collected data to be processed and analyzed in a timely manner. With the inflation of data and analytics engines, cities are facing huge numbers of false positive alerts. CityMIND was designed to identify real threats and incidents by correlating multiple sensors and to reduce false positives.

Key Benefits

  • Leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable a thriving city that attracts investment, business and skilled labor
  • Helps protect cities from crime
  • Increases traffic safety and efficiency in cities
  • Improves urban citizen services
  • Facilitates mass care during major health events in urban environments



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