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City Safety

Our innovative city safety solution delivers real-time visibility, ensuring the safety of people, critical assets and operations.  It helps city agencies to monitor public areas, accurately detect incidents early on, track abnormal activity and respond faster through analysis of activity patterns.

As cities continue to grow in number, size and complexity, urban infrastructure and the services that rely on it are increasingly stressed. According to a recent study, the annual cost of crime in the US is $3.2 trillion including both direct and indirect costs.¹ Of all urban services, safety is the most important as safer cities attract the investment, business, and skilled labor that fuels economic growth. To prosper, cities must invest in their safety infrastructure today to position themselves for the future.

The AGT and Cisco® City Safety Solution, part of the broader Cisco Smart+Connected™ City Safety and Security Solution, takes advantage of the Internet of Everything (IoE), the next step in the evolution of the Internet that connects people, process, data, and things. It helps city agencies monitor public areas, accurately detect incidents early on and respond faster through analysis of activity patterns. The solution stands out with two important innovations: the fusing of data from multiple sources to identify important events and reduce false alarms, and the integration of multiple applications into one comprehensive solution.


AGT and Cisco City Safety Solution High-Level Architecture

 The AGT-Cisco City Safety Solution:

  • Collects data from a variety of sensors and stores it for processing
  • Fuses, filters, and applies advanced analytics to the collected data to identify the most relevant information
  • Visualizes the relevant information using layers to increase situational awareness
  • Supports a wide variety of other integrated partner applications and analytics

It also provides operators with the following information management tools:

  • Video: Helps validate detected events in real time
  • Situational awareness: Highlights status of key resources, environment in real time
  • Event management: Handles events over their lifecycle and shares event details with responders using mobile applications


Technical Components

  • IoT platform modules: visualization, management, analytics, and IoT sensor management
  • Integrated license plate readers and microphones
  • Integrated face recognition analytics
  • Integrated video analytics
  • Intelligent IP cameras, video encoders and Cisco Video Surveillance Manager
  • Ruggedized wireless access points and industrial Ethernet switches
  • Core network and end-to-end IoT architecture
  • Unified data center infrastructure


The AGT-Cisco City Safety Solution analytics and the unique concept-of-operations (CONOPS) service blend operational, technical and design expertise based on a deep understanding and breadth of experience in city safety threats, risks, impacts, best practices and law enforcement operations. Because CONOPS drives solution design, it helps to ensure that city problems are addressed using the most appropriate technology and procedures.

The solution is supported by a full suite of professional services, including consulting, design, integration and implementation services, as well as training, support and maintenance.



  • Reduced crime
  • Increased attractiveness to businesses and residents
  • Improved planning and resource allocation

Traffic Departments

  • Higher rate of incident detection
  • Automated incident detection and quicker response
  • Increased situational awareness
  • More effective operations
  • Optimized budget


  • Safer streets and neighborhoods
  • Ability to report city safety incidents
  • Improved communications about incidents


¹ “Cost of Crime” by David. A. Anderson, Centre College’s Paul G. Blazer Professor of Economics, Foundations and Trends in Microeconomics, Vol. 7: No 3, published in 2012.


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