Connected City

Our Solutions at Work

Our Connected City solution has been deployed in China , Singapore and the Middle East. The Middle East implementation is one the largest and most sophisticated urban management projects in the world.

Urban Management Mega Project

Middle East

Challenges: improve safety of city residents and visitors by reducing crime, managing criminal activity as it occurs, and improving traffic safety.

Solution: a multi-agency urban system for a capital city of over 1.6 million residents covering an area of over 1,000 km2 and integrating thousands of sensors into one unified management center for monitoring and real-time insights.

Safe/Smart City


Challenges: enhance visibility for multiple agencies, leverage existing assets by applying analytics to data from existing sensors, automate monitoring functions, reduce false positives, utilize citizens as a sensors, handle specialized CONOPs (Concept of Operations) per agency and accommodate a variety of sensors and analytics modules.

Solution: a unified system that connects and integrates data from many sources: CCTV cameras, facial recognition readers, UUAVs (urban unmanned aerial vehicles), waste bin sensors, flood monitors and smart phones.


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