Sensor Agnostic

Streamline Event Operations and Reduce Risks


It takes a lot of effort to operate large-scale concerts, music festivals, sporting events, or religious gatherings. Event organizers must find ways to simultaneously reduce risk profiles, increase operating efficiencies and enhance spectator experiences in environments with an ever-growing number of services and devices to monitor. IoT technologies hold the keys to meeting organizer goals at the huge scale of today’s events.

Deploy Staff Where They’re Needed Most

By outfitting venue personnel with GPS trackers and RFID to monitor crowd movements, event organizers can minimize wait times for spectators, manage crowds and mitigate safety threats. Staff can report on conditions using their mobile devices.

Simplify Activities for Spectators

Event organizers can deploy NFC for convenient, cashless payment, analytics to help spectators plan their experience or wearables that prevent parents from losing their kids. They can communicate directly with spectators via audio broadcasts, signage or text messages.

Increase Situational Awareness without Adding Infrastructure

An operator can view video feeds from any camera or sensor input from a single console. The AGT IoT Platform’s flexible architecture allows it to connect to mobile, temporary and ad-hoc means of surveillance, effectively extending the area being monitored without the need to invest in costly, fixed infrastructure. A city can even create a comprehensive USAP on geographic information system (GIS) maps that provides a holistic, current view of events taking place in the city.

Proactively Manage Event Risks and Protect the Brand

IoT analytics can multiple types of venue information to predict “hot spots” so that organizers can make smarter decisions about how to deploy personnel or handle incidents. These analytics integrate and process multiple data inputs (IoT devices and sensors, social media and deep web sources) and can incorporate recognized events, behaviors, patterns and trends in historical data to predict future criminal behavior and potential incidents.

Event Managers Streamline Operations

Wearables and other IoT technologies open up many ways to make events more efficient and safer. From queue management at concession stands to cashless payment enabled by near field communications (NFC) on the bracelets to access control, event and venue managers can serve participants better, increase staff efficiency, and maintain situational awareness.

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