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Industrial Sites

Innovative Solutions to Manage and Protect Companies’ Assets, People, Processes and Data.

Ensuring Business Continuity Through Improved Crisis Management.

Our multi-layered security approach facilitates the management and protection of industrial sites, operational systems, hazardous materials and products. Using advanced analytics to integrate data from mobile and stationary sensors, open-source information and existing databases, our industrial platform provides operators with situational awareness, decision support and situation-specific protocols.

Avoiding Disruptions. Ensuring Safety.

Industrial companies around the world confront a range of internal and external threats including physical and cyber sabotage, industrial espionage, crime (e.g., theft; vandalism) and terror attacks as well as natural and man-made disasters. In parallel, security measures must be integrated with operational processes and executed in a cost-efficient manner.

How can security personnel secure their sites and other assets without derailing “business as usual”?


Chemical factory

Secure Industrial Sites and Assets with AGT’s Internet of Things Platform

Our multi-layered security approach provides a toolkit that effectively and efficiently manages and protects critical industrial sites—their personnel, data and processes as well as their surrounding environment. Our solution provides a complete situational awareness picture by integrating data from mobile and stationary sensors, open-source information and existing databases, and offers decision support and situation-specific protocols in the face of emergencies. Our solution is highly scalable and flexible — it can be deployed in a single location or to manage a system of multiple manned or unmanned industrial sites.

With $8 billion in safety and security projects under management, AGT International protects 10% of the Middle East’s oil.

Learn how our solution is helping to solve industrial site-related challenges in India.

Key Benefits

  • Physical and cyber protection, sensor and data fusion, intelligence and decision support –all correlated in a unified situational awareness picture
  • Business continuity and compliancy
  • Enhanced risk management
  • Efficient, automated security measures
  • Adaptation to operational procedures and requirements


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