Integrated Water Resource Management

Our Solutions at Work

Our solution is being implemented in some of the most flood-prone countries in the world including Bangladesh, China, the Netherlands and Thailand.

Integrated Water Resource and Crisis Management



Challenge: establish the first of its kind system that helps mitigate the impact of floods and droughts in Thailand, saving lives and property, and maintaining economic stability and growth

Solution: an innovative unified system, national command center and hydro-informatics data aggregation that holistically manage Thailand’s water resources in routine and crisis situations, from the national to the local level

LiveDijk_Utrecht_VoorhavenDijkWater Infrastructure Monitoring

Utrecht, Netherlands

Challenge: real-time view of the stability, impact of potential breaches and more efficient management and maintenance of two dikes, Grechtdijk and Voorhavendijk, in Utrecht province in the Netherlands

Solution: real-time dike stability monitoring, dike failure prediction, advanced flooding simulations

“This is the kind of innovation we need and that I am very happy to see.”
–Mark Rutte,
Prime Minister of the Netherlands, on AGT International solutions for Water Management


Yellow River, China

Challenge: comprehensive, real-time information to better understand and manage flood impact to protect the lives and livelihoods of the communities along the Yellow River

Solution: real-time dike stability monitoring, dike failure prediction, advanced flooding simulations

 ICT Consulting for Water Management

Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute (HAII), Thailand

Challenge: apply advanced technology and best practices to protect the citizens of Thailand from floods and droughts

Solution: an overall strategy, including governance, data and process frameworks, for water management across Thailand

Bhola Island, Bangladesh

Challenge: safeguard lives, property and the economy for the 1.6 million citizens of Bhola Island against increased river flows and erosion, seasonal typhoons and rising level of the Bengal Sea

Solution: design a flood early warning and water infrastructure monitoring system as part of a complete redesign of the island’s water management infrastructure



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