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AGT, Cisco and Other Experts Tackle the Future of IoT Analytics at CeBIT 2015
Joachim Schaper | April 16, 2015

Last month at CeBIT 2015 in Hannover, Germany, I led a panel discussion on key opportunities and challenges related to the IoT, and IoT-specific analytics and applications. Geared toward CTOs and CIOs, our debate covered several critical topics, including IoT analytics platforms and applications, rule-based systems and machine learning (including deep learning), privacy, trust, scalability and interoperability. The panelists included David Boundy, Director, SAP-Intel CoLLaboratory, Intel; Amr Salem, Global Managing Director for Smart Cities, Internet of Everything, Cisco; Alan Southall,... More >>

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AGT Improves Business Continuity and Operational Efficiency for Extractive and Processing Industries Leveraging IoT
AGT Web Team | October 16, 2014

In recent years, the extractive and processing industries have become more complex in their operations with remote geographical sites, siloed departments and risks inherent to oil, gas and mining. With operations in increasingly challenging geographies, increased threat and risk levels and greater public expectations surrounding health, safety, regulatory and environmental issues, companies are actively seeking comprehensive, real-time intelligence-led digital solutions to improve financial performance, business productivity and operational efficiency while protecting their people, data, assets and the environment and managing... More >>

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AGT’s StreetSMART Solution Provides Specialized Analytics and Real-Time Intelligence to Law Enforcement Officers to Improve Officer Safety and Efficiency and to Help Reduce Crime
AGT Web Team | October 15, 2014

As cities continue to experience rapid growth, reducing crime and improving public safety are becoming an increasingly important priority. Safe cities are key to building vibrant communities with enhanced quality of life, fostering economic growth and driving innovation—and a large contributor to public safety is effective law enforcement. However, public safety agencies are facing challenges with shrinking budgets and personnel cuts, and require technological innovation to do more with fewer resources. Information-sharing between patrol officers is often limited, and usually... More >>

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AGT Leverages Cloud-Based Analytics to Optimize Barge Operations and Port Ecosystems
AGT Web Team | October 15, 2014

Ports and waterways are at the heart of local economies, and barges are the most efficient, least expensive and most environmentally friendly way for goods to be transported between them. Despite the importance of barges, they are currently off-the-grid with no tracking or monitoring system in place to understand the location and status of barges within ports and inland waterways, leading to limited planning and prediction capabilities, underutilized assets, safety issues and water traffic. These big data challenges undermine entire... More >>

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AGT and Cisco’s Smart Intersection Leverages IoT Edge Analytics to Improve Road Safety and Traffic Management
AGT Web Team | October 14, 2014

With 180,000 people moving into cities every day, rapid urbanization places a significant strain on transportation infrastructure and traffic management. City and local government officials continue to face challenges in optimizing crowd flow, synchronizing traffic and mitigating threats or dangerous situations. Traffic intersections are at the heart of traffic management, transportation and crowd flow and can serve as the best information centers in cities to control flow and enhance road safety for citizens. They are also central in mitigating the... More >>

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AGT and Cisco’s New IoE Solutions for Smart Cities: City Safety and Traffic Incident Management
Wayne Hull | October 1, 2014

Cities are growing rapidly, stressing infrastructure and essential services while budgets remain tight. As the growth engines of the global economy, cities are competing with each other to achieve greater quality of life for their citizens, to attract new businesses and to achieve sustainability goals. Imagine safer city and neighborhood streets, fewer traffic jams, cleaner air and quicker commutes in these rapid growth centers. These are some of the benefits that residents of cities deploying AGT International and Cisco’s joint... More >>

AGT leveraged the Internet of Things to improve Attendees’ Experience at Tomorrowland
Jasper Weijman | September 11, 2014

With the rise in popularity of mega events, particularly music festivals in Europe and beyond, managing large-scale crowds and ensuring an enjoyable experience for attendees has become an increasingly difficult task for governments, event organizers and security personnel. At mega events such as Tomorrowland, Europe’s biggest electronic dance music festival, it is critical that attendees can thoroughly revel in the experience and an exceedingly vital part of these events is to avoid disruptions and maintain a positive atmosphere. More than... More >>

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