IoT Strategy Development

Developing an IoT strategy requires a holistic approach focused on business outcomes

The IoT encompasses everything: from connected wearable devices, security systems, thermostats, automobiles, sensors and home and commercial lighting, to electronic wallets and companies that monitor supply chains via embedded sensors. It is essential that you and your organization grow with these expanding data sources in order to open up new pipelines, remain efficient, stay connected to valuable data and maintain a competitive edge.

As more and more devices get connected, your goal remains the same: to increase profitability through the creation of more efficient processes, and by making decisions based on the best available data.

AGT International has extensive experience designing, implementing and operating large-scale, complex projects across a broad range of industries that leverage sensor-based data and social media feeds together with big data analytics and our company’s IoT Analytics platform .

Our IoTExperts work with a range of customer types, including large global organizations, cities, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and schools, to help them better understand their IoT data and daily operations, and tackle complex challenges in a more cost-effective way. Organizations with geographically distributed sites, supply chains and customers that need to manage both locally and globally stand to especially benefit from the insights our IoTExperts generate.

We will help you answer the most pressing IoT questions.







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