Mati Kochavi

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mati Kochavi is Founder and CEO of AGT International, a global provider of advanced public safety and security solutions. Our world today is being rapidly shaped by globalization, mobile technology and the Internet. Although these developments are seeds for progress, they must be fully understood and appreciated in order to secure and manage in today’s uncertain and evolving environment. AGT International understands this reality, and our knowledge is embedded in our products and solutions. Established in 2007, with 2,500 employees, representing nearly 50 nations, AGT operates in 5 continents and manages work with $1 billion in annual revenue. AGT is widely considered one of the world’s fastest growing security and public safety companies. We partner with organizations, helping them predict, prepare for, prevent and manage their unique challenges and threats, allowing them to pursue the myriad possibilities and opportunities offered by a safe and secure future.