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Our IoTExperts


AGT’s IoTExperts will help you unlock the power of IoT analytics. We will trim the cost of your operations by 20–30% (lower cost-to-serve), enriching your customers’ experience in the process.

  • IoT Readiness & Blueprint – Understanding your organization’s needs and challenges to better assess IoT readiness and blueprint
  • IoT Concept of Operations (CONOPS) – Assessment and design of the CONOPS required for IoT business processes
  • IoT Application Design – Expert solution design support, from concept to customer proposal to final accepted design
  • IoT Analytics Platform Training & Certification – Become a certified IoT Analytics Platform developer; training covers IoT, software development kits (SDKs) and building an analytics application
  • IoT Data Science & Analytics – World-class data science and analytics advisory services, as well as models and tools to provide insights into and enrich ongoing operations
  • AGT’s Analytics Platform – Development Outsourcing – AGT’s developers work with system integrators to develop applications that meet our customers’ requirements and deadlines
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