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Selected IoT Projects

AGT manages IoT analytics projects around the world valued at over $8B. Our domain expertise includes traffic, utilities, mega events and smart cities, among other areas.



Peer Energy Cloud: Big Data Analytics on Sensors in Buildings

IoTExperts Task: Work with our partners to combine IoT and big data analytics to solve renewable energy challenges
IOT Data Sources: Sensors (pollution,  gas,  noise,  temperature,  humidity)

AGT Management Platform & Apps: Big data analytics, real-time analytics, predictive analytics, visual analytics

Users: Smart-grid services (grid services and smart grid analytics); consumer services (private home owners, energy services, commercial buildings)



Mega Event


IoTExperts Task: Work with event organizers to detect crowding in real-time, identify incidents and ensure a pleasant experience for tens or hundreds of thousands of attendees

IOT Data Sources: Smart bracelets, transmitting anonymous location information; video cameras; social media feeds

AGT Management Platform & Apps: Real-time analytics, crowding analysis, IoT visualization, heat maps, sentiment analysis

Users: Event organizers, first responders


Intelligent City

IoTExperts Task: Strengthen interagency cooperation by optimizing operational activities with better prediction of and response to abnormal events

IOT Data Sources: Surveillance cameras, license plate readers (LPRs), mobile devices, social networks, environmental sensing, open data

AGT Management Platform & Apps: Real-time analytics, predictive analytics, visual analytics, heat maps, simulation, mobile applications

Users: Police Authority, Environment Authority,Traffic Authority, Water Authority, Civil Defense, Crisis Coordination Office


Traffic Anomaly Detection

IoTExperts Task: Work with local systems integrator to detect real-time anomalies, identify incidents and congestion for the city government

IOT Data Sources: License plate readers (LPRs), surveillance cameras, mobile devices, social networks

AGT Management Platform & Apps: Real-time analytics, predictive analytics, visual analytics, heat maps

Users: DOT services (city operations center, responders); consumer services (incident alerts, alternate traffic routes)




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