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AGT and its partners work together to offer our customers comprehensive operational and efficiency assessments, and a modular suite of tailored IoT professional services, including consulting on selection and coverage of sensors, devices and machine-to-machine interconnections; IoT data science and analytics advisory services; integration of mobile applications; data security and privacy.

We also offer a suite of services specific to users of our IoT Analytics platform that enables independent application developers, small development teams and enterprise software development organizations to build products and services for customers. Developers who complete our IoT Analytics Platform training and certification programs are able to close the data science gap, developing products that are more functional, more quickly.

With AGT’s professional services, you’ll realize increased efficiencies, cost reductions and new revenue streams—all while driving faster ROI.  (Click to enlarge)


Together with our partners we provide our customers with:

  • Better data utilization – Connecting people, processes, databases and all things across your organization
  • Improved processes – Using new data insights for better prediction
  • Enhanced productivity – Identifying redundancies, inefficiencies and human errors in your systems
  • Increased ROI – Using insights not obtained before
  • Faster time to market – Effective IoT application development powered by IoT data science



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