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AGT and Cisco’s Smart Intersection Leverages IoT Edge Analytics to Improve Road Safety and Traffic Management

admin | October 14, 2014

With 180,000 people moving into cities every day, rapid urbanization places a significant strain on transportation infrastructure and traffic management. City and local government officials continue to face challenges in optimizing crowd flow, synchronizing traffic and mitigating threats or dangerous situations. Traffic intersections are at the heart of traffic management, transportation and crowd flow and can serve as the best information centers in cities to control flow and enhance road safety for citizens. They are also central in mitigating the impact of traffic on air pollution.


AGT’s Smart Intersection van

Combining real-time monitoring and data management, AGT’s Smart Intersection solution, developed in partnership with Cisco utilizing its Data in Motion technology, uses edge analytics to aggregate data at intersections to support vulnerable road users, improve traffic flow, monitor air pollution and optimize traffic infrastructure management.

AGT’s Smart Intersection solution implements a number of IoT technologies at city intersections to provide intelligent services to citizens, car drivers and pedestrians alike, thereby improving their safety, quality of life, and comfort in their movements around the city.

Smart Intersection turns big data into relevant IoT data using the following capabilities:

Intelligent Traffic Light Control

With Smart Intersection, algorithms based on machine learning and advanced video analytics technologies identify situations that require changes to traffic light timings, such as a large crowd or someone in a wheelchair crossing the street. Smart Intersection uses this technology to automatically adjust the timing of traffic signals, adapting red or green light phases to ensure all pedestrians can safely cross the street.

Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication

Smart Intersection uses M2M communication to increase road safety for vehicles and build awareness of traffic flow. It allows for a flow of information about various dangers based on collected data to be exchanged between approaching cars and the intersection and vice-versa:

  • Smart Intersection analyzes approaching traffic on the street using video analytics and detects when bicyclists and vehicles are approaching one another. Through a visual display or M2M communication using IEEE 802.11p standard, the solution warns the vehicle driver of the predicted interference.
  • Smart Intersection connects smart cars to the intersection using sensors and transmits GPS information from its driving path from the last passed smart intersection to detect road conditions (e.g. icy roads or potholes) using advanced analytics. This information is then relayed to the smart intersection, which then alerts approaching vehicles about these conditions. Only a portion of the driving path is transmitted to city operation centers to maintain privacy. This privacy compliant design prevents the tracking of smart cars at all times within the city from a central location.

Data Fusion & Environmental Monitoring

Smart Intersection aggregates and analyzes data from multiple smart intersections and various sensors to create a comprehensive, real-time image of city traffic. Using Big Data analytics and anomaly detection based on aggregated data on vehicle traffic flow, pedestrian and bicyclist counts and anonymized data from smart cars, Smart Intersection visualizes data and identifies root causes to provide a complete picture and make the data actionable. Based on this information, Smart Intersection provides road users with recommendations on events or re-routing.


Crossing time – Adjusting to Crowds

Smart Intersection also uses existing traffic data collection infrastructure combined with environmental sensors to collect real-time pollution data. Analyzing traffic and weather data, the solution calculates and produces a pollution heat map, enabling important insights for city officials on the environmental impact of traffic flow.

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Smart Intersection

Using video edge analytics, machine learning, M2M communication, predictive algorithms and distributed analytics, Smart Intersection provides relevant insights to inform city planning and traffic management.  In partnership with Cisco, AGT leverages its expertise in IoT analytics and data management to create industry-specific solutions to address transportation, urban planning and traffic management challenges. If you are interested in learning more about how we are using cutting edge analytics to plan and manage transportation infrastructure, our Smart Intersection solution will be demonstrated at the Internet of Things World Forum, hosted by Cisco in Chicago on October 14-16.


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