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AGT Improves Business Continuity and Operational Efficiency for Extractive and Processing Industries Leveraging IoT

admin | October 16, 2014

In recent years, the extractive and processing industries have become more complex in their operations with remote geographical sites, siloed departments and risks inherent to oil, gas and mining. With operations in increasingly challenging geographies, increased threat and risk levels and greater public expectations surrounding health, safety, regulatory and environmental issues, companies are actively seeking comprehensive, real-time intelligence-led digital solutions to improve financial performance, business productivity and operational efficiency while protecting their people, data, assets and the environment and managing their reputation.

AGT’s O&G Pro application helps extractive and processing companies strengthen business resiliency and improve operational efficiency by identifying, monitoring, analyzing and visualizing relevant safety, security and operational threats and risks in real-time, which enables effective and safe daily operations, providing cost savings and helping to prevent and mitigate incidents.

Working oil jack duringl sunset

The O&G Pro application provides a common digital operational picture and real-time incident management using IoT feeds gathering data from multiple sources including workforce and vehicle movement, and applying advanced analytics to visualize Big Data and uncover relevant insights. This insight into the complex site environment helps businesses gain increased control over operations to increase efficiency and productivity, and enhance workplace safety and security.

By tracking movement and environments based on IoT feeds, the O&G Pro application provides real-time intelligence and clearer, more complete picture needed to improve efficiency and security at extractive and processing work sites. The IoT analytics applied to increase visibility into operations not only yield increased effectiveness, but also cost savings. The O&G Pro application can also be integrated with select production systems to increase visibility in certain operations. Here’s a quick look at the capabilities that tracking and monitoring workforce and vehicle movement yields:

  • Increased logistical fleet operation efficiencies: AGT’s sensor data management technology and deep analytics track the location of vehicles and detect inefficient patterns including abnormal stopovers, speeding, access to restricted areas, loading/unloading times as well as longer than average delivery times.
  • Increase financial performance by reducing opportunities for irregular activities: The O&G Pro application automatically validates invoices by comparing them to truck routes, actual storage tank levels, discharge activities at treatment centers and historical performance information, in addition to analyzing oil tank levels in correlation with authorized discharging. This helps to detect, prevent and deter ghost invoicing, illegal oil loading and waste-water dumping, as well as improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Enhancing employees’ well-being on-site: The O&G Pro application provides real-time knowledge of the location of personnel in hazardous production environments, as well as information on how potentially hazardous or hazardous an environment is. Embedded capabilities within the solution notify field personnel of hazardous or potentially hazardous situations, as well as if personnel are endangered in a production environment.
  • Increase Business Productivity: The O&G Pro application automates the remote monitoring und surveillance of oil sands tailings operations by deploying advanced sensors to earth structures for water quality measurements, and integrating key metrics from industrial control systems. Advanced geo-technical analytics can predict potential dike breaches and irregular production statuses. Deploying such IoT sensors within the production process improves visibility of operations and enables a reduction of technicians and maintenance personnel on site “feet off the ground”.

As extractive and processing businesses try to manage large operation areas, movement of tens of thousands of vehicles monthly, large-scale manual invoicing and multiple personnel with continuous workforce movements, real-time monitoring and a common operational picture are critical to site and operational management. Leveraging IoT-specific data feeds and analytics, AGT helps these industries create new information and uncover insights to manage these complex environments and ensure business resiliency.



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