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AGT leveraged the Internet of Things to improve Attendees’ Experience at Tomorrowland

Jasper Weijman | September 11, 2014

With the rise in popularity of mega events, particularly music festivals in Europe and beyond, managing large-scale crowds and ensuring an enjoyable experience for attendees has become an increasingly difficult task for governments, event organizers and security personnel. At mega events such as Tomorrowland, Europe’s biggest electronic dance music festival, it is critical that attendees can thoroughly revel in the experience and an exceedingly vital part of these events is to avoid disruptions and maintain a positive atmosphere.

More than 600 large music festivals take place every summer in Europe. Some of these mega events gather tens of thousands of music lovers and recent years have seen growing numbers in attendance. An increase in attendees leads to amplified crowd management and logistical issues that festival organizers need to address while preparing and managing the events.



This year, AGT International leveraged the Internet of Things to ensure a great experience for 60,000 party-goers who gathered each day during two weekends for Tomorrowland by harnessing publically available data across cloud-based platforms, such as social networking sites, blogs, video sharing sites and forums and applying advanced analytics to the data to create a comprehensive “map” of what was happening at the event. Effective management of the event was critical to event security, and by using these technologies, we were able to create a safer, smoother and more pleasant experience for event participants and attendees. The event, organized by the entertainment company ID&T Belgium, effectively used cutting-edge technology provided by AGT to improve situational awareness and manage potential disturbances before they even occurred. During the two weekends, we evaluated more than 1.4 million tweets and posts in 20 languages. Of that amount, 50 required investigations and a number of immediate interventions by the organizers or the police.



AGT International’s CityMind 6.5 platform played a key role in ensuring that Tomorrowland was an enjoyable environment for festival attendees and the Event Control Center was larger than ever before. Here’s a quick look at how our technologies were used throughout the event:

  • AGT integrated 220,000 SendRato bracelets with localization information into our CityMIND solution as well as Zepcam body cameras and a full suite of social media monitoring using Tardis and OpenMIND. Leveraging an integrated data technology system pulling data from the bracelet system, event managers and Belgian police were able to evaluate potential incidents in real-time and direct emergency services and security guards to respond to incidents on the ground in a timely manner.
  • CityMIND provided a common operational picture of the event site with a cloud-based USAP. On the USAP, we were able to show crowd density in several layers with heat maps, which linked to the bracelets and social media posts. Teams of emergency responders, event organizers and security personnel were localized by their bracelets so that they were constantly visible on a specially created high resolution 3D map, providing a real-time situational overview.



Large events may continue to be a source of tension and an environment for potential disruptions, but “smart city” platforms running on the Internet of Things to leverage Big Data and Cloud Computing have already begun to transform how mega events are being managed. As more information becomes publically available through social networking sites, blogs, video sharing sites and forums, mega event organizers and “smart city” solution providers – including AGT – are better understanding and more effectively managing potential disturbances at these events before they even occur. At AGT, we look forward to continuing to help improve the experience of attendees at these ever-increasing mega events around the world.

Click here to watch VRT’s report on the Tomorrowland music festival, including a look at how our IoT solution was used in the festival’s Event Control Centre.


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