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AGT introduces smart city platform

Iain Morris
June 5, 2014

Swiss tech player AGT International says it has launched a smart city platform to help cities manage events and resources across multiple agencies.

The company’s CityMIND 6.5 technology is described as an analytics engine that uses data fusion and machine-learning capabilities to correlate, validate and provide accurate information for city incident management and daily operations.

The platform is intended to support knowledge-sharing among agencies, allowing them to analyze the wealth of data generated by sensors installed across a particular city.

AGT (Zurich, Switzerland) says the technology is capable of analyzing millions of daily detections generated by tens of thousands of sensors.

It is also able to apply advanced analytics to data obtained from multiple sources, including video and facial recognition cameras, license plate readers, smart bins, audio sensors, smartphones, social media and public databases.

One application AGT has already developed is a traffic incident management service that alerts decision makers about abnormal traffic issues, such as wrong-way driving and illegal crossing.

Using a CityZen-branded application, residents can receive alerts and situation-specific instructions to keep them informed about emergencies as well as routine incidents.

CityMIND 6.5 has also been piloted in the Singapore Safe-City Test Bed, where it used a range of intelligence-gathering techniques and advanced sensors, such as behavioral recognition sensors, smart environment sensors and social media intelligence with the aim of making Singapore safer and more efficiently run.

“Cities are where the IoT can synthesize relevant data, infrastructure and systems to enable dramatic improvements in the quality of life of all citizens,” said Mati Kochavi, the chief executive of AGT. “AGT’s approach to smarter cities means the relevant data is available and better decision making is enabled through the intelligent use of IoT.”

AGT reckons CityMIND 6.5 will improve the operational efficiency of every government agency that uses it.

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