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Cisco unveils new Connected Safety and Security services

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Cisco has announced Connected Safety and Security services and collaboration with a group of ecosystem companies that leverage the new capabilities and benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) to help businesses and governments cut costs and provide enhanced safety.

At the core of these new offerings is Cisco’s Video Surveillance Manager 7.6 (VSM). VSM 7.6 is a proven, mature and highly scalable IoT video surveillance platform that enables customers to manage highly distributed multivendor, edge-based analytics applications. The system now provides new IP Camera application management features that, together with video analytics, connected edge storage and IoT connectivity, are solving a range of safety and security challenges for public sector, energy, transportation, industrial and service provider customers by delivering reliability at scale.

VSM’s Connected Edge Storage (CES) feature provides the flexibility to store video at the edge, on cameras with the intelligent ability to transfer the data centrally on demand or automatically to preserve limited bandwidth to remote sites. Cisco’s IP Cameras provide technology partners and application developers with an open application development platform and SDK for IP Cameras, allowing customers to add functionality as needed, effectively transforming IP Cameras into intelligent sensors capable of processing more than just video and supporting multiple analytics apps that provide information and automation at the edge. Video analytics to the edge allows intelligent event processing and classification and enables event action and management even before data is analysed at a central location. The Cisco Safety and Security Desktop application enables security operators to identify alerts and events associated with positive analytics activities at remote sites.

Additionally, Cisco works with global strategic alliance partner AGT International, an IoT analytics company, to provide customers with secure, interoperable systems and services to take advantage of IoE. The AGT and Cisco systems collect data from sensors and cameras, and filter content using analytics to identify relevant information. The City Safety Solution helps law enforcement agencies monitor public areas, accurately detect incidents early on, track suspects and respond faster through analysis of unusual activity patterns. The Traffic Incident Management Solution helps traffic departments detect more incidents, and respond faster by monitoring and analysing traffic flow data.

Cisco is also announcing support for Cisco Instant Connect mobile applications on Apple iOS devices, in addition to Google Android devices.

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