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CityMIND 6.5 helps cities connect to ‘internet of things’

By Shirley Siluk | on June 2, 2014 |


A new platform for smart cities uses data fusion and machine learning to help cities manage events and resources across multiple agencies.

CityMIND 6.5, released by AGT International, is designed to encourage knowledge-sharing by bringing together data from sensors, social media and other public and private sources across the emerging “internet of things.”

AGT just finished a test project using the platform in Singapore. Launched along with engineering systems integrator O’Connor’s and Hitachi Asia, the Safe City Test Bed project helped to identify areas of traffic congestion and crowding, used sensors to automatically signal when trash bins needed to be emptied and enabled communication among first-responders, city authorities and citizens through mobile applications.

The CityMIND 6.5 platform also applies analytics to data from other sources such as license-plate readers, video- and facial-recognition cameras, audio sensors, smartphones and public databases.

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