Lab Room

Behavioral Analytics Lab

In this lab algorithms are developed to characterize human behavior from sensor data. This includes analysis of multiple sensor sources.



Behavior analytics aims to explore the reactions of individuals and crowds triggered by specific stimuli. Our goal is to build a framework that would be able to extract behavioral insights and both qualitatively and quantitatively estimate normal and abnormal behavior within the specific context. This is achieved by analyzing the physiological, verbal and nonverbal signals obtained with the help of wearable and environmental sensors (e.g. video, audio, smart watches). One focus of our lab is communication analysis, where we discover complex behavioral patterns and predict specific reactions


From our lab team member:

Throughout my entire life I have observed how astonishingly fast the world is digitizing. AGT provides me with a unique opportunity not only to observe, but to actively participate in shaping the world of tomorrow. To be a part of the team on the frontier that creates new technologies in the field of behaviour analytics is both challenging and exciting. Driven by curiosity and motivated by the desire of creating game-changing technologies, AGT provides me with all the means to find the right answers on how to analyze interpersonal communication, extract behaviour intelligence, and estimate group dynamics.”


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