Lab Room

Computer Vision Lab

The work in this lab aims to generate a deeper understanding of images and videos, for example by recognizing objects, activities, and emotions.



While humans use their eyes and brains to visually sense and understand the world around them, Computer Vision aims at enabling machines to gain similar or even superior capabilities. In the Computer Vision Lab we develop novel methods for automatic extraction, analysis, and understanding of relevant information from images and videos. Thereby, we make heavy use of Deep Learning and other new technologies in order to develop highly sophisticated products and analytics platform components.


From our lab team members:

I am a Senior Researcher in Computer Vision with a PhD and more than 10 years of experience. Keeping the pace with the latest technological advances/breakthroughs and a passion to innovation belongs to AGT’s everyday life. Our unique position on the cross road of computer vision, sensors, and data science allows AGT to cope with challenges that were not solvable just a couple of years ago.”

Since I joined AGT as a Data Scientist, I have been working on the most advanced computer vision topics and I have been deploying our technology at live sports events all over the world. Here at AGT, together with amazing colleagues, every day we transform research into products.”


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