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 Semantics and Reasoning Lab

The work in the Semantics Lab is concerned with developing semantic models and inferring new relationships between people, places and things.

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In the semantics lab we are researching how semantic descriptions can be used in analytics pipelines to create a linked view on entities, attributes, and their relati onships in specific target domains such as sports and entertainment, Industry 4.0 or Smart Cities. One particular task of this lab is to create deeper insights on the obtained graph structures by analyzing the information they convey in real-time. We are also working on the challenging task of understanding sensor and data stream descriptions based on the data they provide, and semantic interoperability between IoT systems.

Semantic Lab1

From our lab team member:

As a computer scientist and PhD with more than 15 years of experience in the Internet of Things (IoT), I have always enjoyed working on abstractions that simplify working with IoT and provide easier and richer access to complex sensor-based systems. The IoTA platform, with its semantically rich graph based data models, provides a unique opportunity to turn research into semantic data modeling, and reasoning into high impact products.”


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