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Sensor Lab

In this lab new IoT sensors and technologies are integrated to enable the analytics components in the IoTA platform.

Sensor Lab1


The aim of our lab is to deliver data in a reliable way from the field to our IoTA platform. To do that we select, evaluate, and integrate IoT sensors on different application fields. We identify new technologies that can enable AGT to acquire fresh insights from different and challenging contexts that include both humans to animals. We also work on identifying and customizing communication protocols and technologies to enable a solid and reliable means of communication.

Sensor Lab 4

From our lab team member:

I am a telecommunication engineer with more than 10 years of experience and around 50 publications on wireless sensor networks. I have a great passion for technology. In AGT I have the unique opportunity to apply in the real world all the knowledge acquired during my years spent working in IoT. The application of new technologies in new and exciting fields opens a lot of challenges, and these are the ones that I am looking to solve.”


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