Connected City

Create a Safe Environment Where Communities and Commerce Thrive

Rapid urbanization in developing regions is a global trend. As cities grow in size, number and complexity, city services will be stressed to their limits – and sometimes beyond them.

In an increasingly global business environment, cities will be competing harder than ever before to attract the investment, business and talent that create employment, foster innovation and generate wealth.

The AGT Connected City solution tackles the challenges involved in managing the 21st century city. Our solution accelerates and improves decision-making by providing the actionable insights that city leaders need to create a safe, efficient urban environment that attracts residents, commerce and tourism. It:

  • Helps protect citizens
  • Increases traffic safety and efficiency
  • Improves citizen services

Bring Together Data from Diverse Sensors

In today’s digitized world, the IoT provides cities with a huge amount of data from sensors such as traffic counters, train/metro counters, water level and air pollution monitors. It reports on weather and readiness status from major facilities such as power plants, power grids, chemical/hazardous material plants, and hospitals; and web-based information from social networking sites. The AGT IoT Platform makes it possible to use this all of this data to improve urban operations and public safety.

Unify Situational Awareness Across the City

Our Connected City solution collects data from a constant stream of sources including sensors such as video and face recognition cameras and LPRs, databases and social media inputs.

The collected data is then processed and converted by our advanced analytics into a comprehensive, constantly updated picture of the urban landscape. A large number and wide variety of sources generate a richer picture.

The AGT IoT analytics automatically identify and alert on behaviors, events and patterns (as defined by system users), notify the relevant employees in real-time and guide them through response procedures and recommendations that come up automatically when an incident occurs. The solution correlates data from multiple sensors to eliminate false positives..

The Connected City solution supports, traffic management, environmental monitoring, transportation hubs, citizen services and urban healthcare management.


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