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AGT, Cisco and Other Experts Tackle the Future of IoT Analytics at CeBIT 2015
admin | April 16, 2015

Last month at CeBIT 2015 in Hannover, Germany, I led a panel discussion on key opportunities and challenges related to the IoT, and IoT-specific analytics and applications. Geared toward CTOs and CIOs, our debate covered several critical topics, including IoT analytics platforms and applications, rule-based systems and machine learning (including deep learning), privacy, trust, scalability and interoperability. The panelists included David Boundy, Director, SAP-Intel CoLLaboratory, Intel; Amr Salem, Global Managing Director for Smart Cities, Internet of Everything, Cisco; Alan Southall,... More >>

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AGT Improves Business Continuity and Operational Efficiency for Extractive and Processing Industries Leveraging IoT
admin | October 16, 2014

In recent years, the extractive and processing industries have become more complex in their operations with remote geographical sites, siloed departments and risks inherent to oil, gas and mining. With operations in increasingly challenging geographies, increased threat and risk levels and greater public expectations surrounding health, safety, regulatory and environmental issues, companies are actively seeking comprehensive, real-time intelligence-led digital solutions to improve financial performance, business productivity and operational efficiency while protecting their people, data, assets and the environment and managing... More >>

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AGT and Cisco’s New IoE Solutions for Smart Cities: City Safety and Traffic Incident Management
admin | October 1, 2014

Cities are growing rapidly, stressing infrastructure and essential services while budgets remain tight. As the growth engines of the global economy, cities are competing with each other to achieve greater quality of life for their citizens, to attract new businesses and to achieve sustainability goals. Imagine safer city and neighborhood streets, fewer traffic jams, cleaner air and quicker commutes in these rapid growth centers. These are some of the benefits that residents of cities deploying AGT International and Cisco’s joint... More >>

Emergency Expo 2014
admin | April 14, 2014

Last week AGT International participated in another event that highlighted public safety as well as crisis and risk management in the Netherlands. The Emergency Expo 2014 (April 8 – 10, 2014) – took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and served as a multidisciplinary platform for parties involved in disaster management, risk management and crisis management to meet and converse. The agenda included a unique combination of exhibits and programs to facilitate knowledge on preparedness for substantive unexpected challenges. Major areas... More >>

Cisco Partner Summit 2014
admin | April 2, 2014

Last week, Wayne Hull, Vice President, Global Partners at AGT International, participated in Cisco Partner Summit 2014. It is an annual invitation-only event that brings Cisco’s affiliates together to strengthen partnerships and identify new ways of working. Over the course of four days, from March 24th – March 27th in Las Vegas, Nevada, participants had the opportunity to foster integration, build relationships and expand the current ecosystem of opportunities, leveraging innovative technologies that make the most of the Internet of... More >>

AGT International presents innovative water management technology to governmental agencies in the Netherlands
admin | April 2, 2014

On Thursday, March 6, AGT International participated in the Open Data Interactive Workshop, organized by the Netherlands Water Partnership, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment. The event took place in Utrecht, the Netherlands at a the LEF Future Center that was set up to hold inspiring, out of the box sessions on how Open Data sets can support innovation in water management. The event focused on providing governmental agencies and end... More >>