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Energy and Individual Consumption: Made Simple through Advanced Analytics

admin | June 10, 2014

We are constantly looking for new ways to engage with partners and governments in order to advance our public safety agenda through global smart city innovation. And occasionally, we have the opportunity to host influencers from key markets at AGT International locations in order to provide more robust and transparent information on the innovation and development process that adds value to our leading solutions.

As a part of this ongoing engagement effort, we recently hosted Brigitte Zypries, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, at our Big Data Analytics Research and Development Center in Darmstadt, Germany. She was offered a tour of the facility and the chance to speak with Wolfgang Hilpert, our Senior Vice President of Development, and Dr. Joachim Shaper, our Vice President of Research, on the subject of analytics for electricity networks of the future. In addition, Volker Bombien, VP of our Energy business led a discussion on future energy scenarios around Cloud Enabled Smart Energy Micro Grids and SafeGRID solutions for e-Grid operator, which Mrs. Zypries participated actively in.


Names of photo participants in order left to right: Volker Bombien, VP, Energy Business, AGT International; Brigitte Zypries, State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Economy; Dr. Joachim Schaper, VP, Research, AGT International; Wolfgang Hilpert, SVP, Development, AGT International

During her visit, Mrs. Zypries experienced a real pilot installation that demonstrated how in the future, balancing electricity from renewable energy sources and individual consumption in local neighborhoods can be made simple. Research conducted at the center complements existing AGT Analytics platforms that address anomaly detection in traffic pattern that coordinate the production and consumption of electricity to ensure that an efficient supply of energy can be made available to individual users. Through our research we have found that it’s possible for advanced analysis techniques to offer consumers greater transparency about energy consumption down to individual household appliances. This micro level of analysis and information will prove very useful for individuals looking for a meaningful way to assess how energy consumption can be controlled and better managed in the home.

At the research center in Darmstadt, we have been exploring Analytics specific to the electricity sector as part of a research initiative funded by the BMWi project, Peer Energy Cloud (PEC), which works with partners to advance future market opportunities for micro-grids. The research on future technologies as a part of this initiative has been a joint effort between AGT, the LOEWE Institute, and Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED).

Looking ahead, our goal at AGT is to be able to market results from our promising research and add value within the context of our portfolio of solutions that are being used to drive safe and smart cities globally. More on our research and innovation in Darmstadt is forthcoming!

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