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Girls‘ Day 2018 – Learn to understand how the Internet of Things changes the world

April 26, 2018

AGT International organized a Girls’ Day in which school girls in the age between 11 and 13 learned about applications, technologies and jobs related to the Internet of Things.


What they have learned?

  • They learned how computers can predict ship routes and avoid dangerous situation [2].
  • They got an introduction in artificial intelligence and deep learning providing them with a basic understanding about how data scientists imitate the human brain.
  • They had the opportunity to play with sensors and understand how they measure forces.

As a tangible examples

  • the girls observe real-time visualizations of the sensor data and learn, by using a toy bull, how we use sensors to rate a professional bull ride. They also could use a sensor-enhanced fighting glove that measured their punching forces and test their knowledge about energy consumption by learning from one of our data scientist specializing on energy analytics.
  • In the computer vision sessions the girls experience how computers understand their movements in real time and they learned how we use computer vision to understand human attention and human emotions.


The event was concluded by having a common lunch and receiving a wearable as a present.

Apparently the girl’s enjoyed the morning at our offices, as one of them said that now she has to reconsider her job options, as working with the Internet of Things seems really to be interesting.


More information about the Girls’ Day is available at [1]






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