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1. Name of the event: Stream Reasoning Workshop 2018

Stream Reasoning Workshop 2018

January 16, 2018

Stream Reasoning Workshop 2018

Processing, querying and reasoning over streaming data is studied in different communities such as KR&R, Semantic Web, Databases, Stream Processing, Complex Event Processing, etc., where researchers have different perspectives and face different challenges. This workshop aims at advancing Stream Reasoning as research theme by bringing together these different views and goals. In addition to invited talks, the workshop will provide opportunities for all participants to engage in discussions on open problems and future directions. Participation is by invitation only. Registration is free of charge and includes attendance at all workshop events and lectures, coffee breaks, and lunches.

AGT is both participating in the main workshop and the co-located hackathon taking place on January 15th. Dr. Martin Strohbach, Director Research will give a keynote on IoT applications and Dr. Pavel Smirnov will present the HOBBIT benchmarking platform that we use for benchmarking machine learning tasks on streaming data.

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