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AGT International Announces The Launch Of Groundbreaking Smart City Platform

June 02, 2014

CityMIND 6.5 Solution turns the Promise of the Internet of Things into a Reality for Global Cities and Connects Citizens to their City

ZURICH – June 2, 2014AGT International, a global leader in city solutions, today announced CityMIND 6.5, a unique solution that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to help cities efficiently manage events and resources across multiple agencies. CityMIND 6.5 is one of the first analytics engines to use data fusion and machine-learning capabilities to correlate, validate and provide accurate information for city incident management and daily operations. The platform facilitates knowledge-sharing among agencies, brings relevant data from the wealth of data generated by sensors, social media and municipal sources and engages urban stakeholders – both public and private – to work together in support of a common goal.

AGT brings to life the potential of the IoT by connecting disparate devices and sources to deliver insights that help address the myriad challenges created by rapid urbanization. Because it can analyze millions of daily detections generated by tens of thousands of sensors throughout a city, CityMIND provides city governments and their constituents with greater situational awareness and communication, measurable reductions in required resources and significantly faster decision-making, responses and resolutions. The IoT-powered platform fuses, cross-references and applies advanced analytics to data obtained from multiple sources including video and facial recognition cameras, license plate readers, smart bins, audio sensors, smart phones, social media and public databases to create a comprehensive and reliable view of a city.

CityMIND is at the heart of AGT’s Smart City solutions portfolio, which includes City Safety and Traffic Incident Management. CityMIND uses an automated machine-learning engine to alert decision makers about abnormal traffic issues such as wrong-way driving and illegal crossing. The solution also delivers reliability scores that help distinguish between incidents of interest and false alerts, sending more accurate warnings to the city’s attention and response dispatch.

Citizens are an integral part of AGT’s urban solution, as they both contribute to and benefit from the body of public-private data being shared between government agencies, businesses and people. Without compromising their privacy, citizens are empowered to play an active role in preventing, managing and resolving both crimes and everyday inconveniences. Leveraging a multi-channel broadcast, such as the CityZen application, citizens can receive alerts and situation-specific instructions to keep them safe, secure and informed about emergencies and routine incidents.

“Cities are where the IoT can synthesize relevant data, infrastructure and systems to enable dramatic improvements in the quality of life of all citizens,” said Mati Kochavi, CEO of AGT International. “AGT’s approach to smarter cities means the relevant data is available and better decision making is enabled through the intelligent use of IoT. CityMIND 6.5 improves the operational efficiency of every government agency that uses it, helping with effective resource management and deployment. We are excited to bring our proven approach to cities around the world.”

AGT works with partners around the world to sell and deploy its Smart City solutions, dramatically changing the way cities are managed and safeguarded to complement recent partnerships such as its Smart City Global Alliance with Cisco.

Analyzing disparate data from the IoT, CityMIND implements a number of key smart city technologies, including improved traffic pattern identification, enhanced monitoring of crowd patterns and heightened awareness of relevant social media trends. Recently piloted in the Singapore Safe-City Test Bed, CityMIND 6.5 used a range of intelligence-gathering techniques and advanced sensors, such as behavioral recognition sensors, smart environment sensors and social media intelligence to make that city safer and more efficient.

About AGT International
AGT International is a privately held technology company based in Zurich, Switzerland. AGT provides strong analytics and prediction software solutions that connect to a wide variety of devices and sensors, including social media. These solutions enable customers to sense the world, analyze complex environments, and predict events with a focus on providing return on investment. For more information, please visit


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