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AGT International Showcases Public Safety & Security Innovations at Singapore ‘Night Race’

September 25, 2013


AGT International with partner O’Connor’s demonstrated solutions for mega-event management, in a showcase at the Singapore ‘night race’ from 20-22 September, 2013.

The showcase included demonstrations of AGT International’s UrbanShield™and OpenMIND™ Solutions presented by a team from AGT International’s Singapore office for the duration of the night race.

Providing real-time event security management and situational awareness is of paramount importance to security authorities and organizers of any public mega-event in ensuring the safety and security of citizens, visitors, and critical infrastructures. AGT International’s solutions address the risks and threats faced today: overcrowding, crimes, traffic accidents and terrorism, which are more complex than ever before.

UrbanShield™ is a state-of-the-art, event security and urban management system for real-time security management and post- incident investigation at mega- events.  This solution provides a holistic mobile command & control and special sensors platform that is entirely unique in its ability to empower security authorities to utilize permanent on-site sensors and ad-hoc rapid-deployments of special sensors and cameras and communication hubs, integrated with Urban Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Urban UAVs), sensor fusion, crowd-sourcing and analytics capabilities, to support information sharing and timely decision-making across frontline enforcement agencies.

OpenMIND™ empowers law enforcement agencies with the capability to transform web intelligence into operational and actionable insights for intelligence-led investigations and analytics.  This innovative technology ensures that security officials at mega-events are better prepared to prevent incidents and threats.  It offers a tool, equipped with a diverse set of law enforcement-tailored workflows and social media analytics capabilities such as robust open-source intelligence (OSINT) harvester, entity management, trend analysis, sentiment analysis, influencer analysis and geo-analysis.

Danny Beh, Vice President and Country Manager, AGT International Singapore said: “We were very pleased to have this opportunity with our partner O’Connor’s to present both our UrbanShield™and OpenMIND™ platforms during this exciting event.  With Singapore transformed into a multi-faceted sports and entertainment venue for three days, it was the ideal time for us to show our expertise in securing mega-events to help authorities ensure the safety and security of their most important asset – citizens.”

John Ng, General Manager of Sales and Business Development, O’Connor’s Singapore said: “This is the sixth consecutive year that we have been providing surveillance technology and services for this prestigious event. This year, we partnered with AGT International to demonstrate and showcase the state-of-the-art solution that is able to fuse sensors across various system platforms to enhance situation awareness of the operators in the area of operation.”

Mati Kochavi, Founder and CEO of AGT International commented:”This showcase of our event management solutions continued our established commitment to Singapore. It was very exciting to be demonstrating in a key Asian hub during a global sports event.  With the rapid urbanization of cities across Asia-Pacific, there is a real spotlight shining on this region, providing an opportunity to present to the world cutting-edge technologies for smarter, safer and connected cities.”

The AGT International-O’Connor’s consortium was chosen earlier this year, by the Government of Singapore to participate in its Smart City project.  With fellow consortium partner Hitachi, this involves, implementing a multi-agency, intelligent analytics solution that will enhance the Government’s ability to protect its citizens, critical assets and infrastructure.

As part of its long term commitment to Singapore, AGT International will open in Singapore ‘Smart City Labs’, a center of excellence that will include the company’s solutions deployed in many cities around the world. The center will focus, among others, on the use of mobile, city applications and social media utilizing the science of big data.

AGT International has deployed its solutions at mega-events in the Netherlands and Belgium and has also implemented safe city projects in the Middle East and China.

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About AGT International
Founded in 2007, AGT International’s technology solutions safeguard people, assets and infrastructure for public safety authorities, governments and corporations.  Our core intellectual property collects, correlates, analyzes and prioritizes data from available sources to present immediately actionable intelligence that helps our customers better predict, manage and resolve an ever-expanding spectrum of threats to life and livelihood. By proactively delivering the right information to the right decision makers in real time, we enable them to plan and prepare better, and to react faster and more effectively.  Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, the organization employs 2,400 people globally. AGT International is privately held and led by Founder and CEO, Mati Kochavi. For more information, please visit

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