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You Can Now Use IoT and AI Technologies to Tap Into the Hearts and Minds of your Favorite Athletes

May 17, 2018

AGT International has created a world-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) platform that redesigns the way we understand people, things, and entire physical environments. The IoTA platform, which now runs on top of Amazon Web Services, establishes a new category of AI applications based on IoT: It can process and fuse data from a large variety of sensors in real-time. Some of the most innovative IoTA applications include solutions for Smart Cities, changes in entertainment and sports experience, advancements in Industrial IoT as well as ground-breaking developments in health care.

And now, IoTA’s ability to understand behavioral and physiological aspects of people in their environment through sophisticated machine and deep learning-based analytics, has also disrupted the sports and entertainment fields. Together, with Endeavor, AGT founded a company called HEED that leverages these capabilities to create a completely new digital experience around live sports events.

On April 17, the first version of the HEED app was launched at the EuroLeague Basketball Championship, and immediately began reporting on exciting moments from the Playoffs and Final Four in Belgrade. HEED’s technology constantly monitors the game, individual players, coaches and fans in order to identify interesting moments as they take place. The information is translated into messages and video content and distributed to fans so they can experience the most compelling moments from the game in real-time.

This unique end-to-end infrastructure, from sensor activity to content production, is fully automated and built on AWS’s reliable and scalable services. Both the IoTA and HEED platforms use a wide range of AWS managed services, such as data storage (S3, ElasticSearch, DynamoDB), data transport (Kinesis, Firehose, SQS), and data processing (Lambda and EC2, auto scaling and ECS) .


“IoTA is where AI is connected to IoT networks. It is dealing with very interesting environments especially where people, emotions, behaviors  are involved. IoTA is solving very interesting problems in cities, infrastructures, healthcare, entertainment, sport and insurance. On top of AWS IoTA is growing into futuristic verticals that will shape our daily lives”. 

Mati Kochavi, CEO and Founder of AGT International


About AGT

AGT International is a pioneer in IoT and AI solutions. AGT’s main product IoTA combines IoT and AI solutions to provides cognitive and emotional computing skills to understand complex physical environments. IoTA provides all building blocks to sense, interpret, understand and reason about the physical world through sensors. AGT provides solutions for smart cities and infrastructure, industrial, security, health and sports and entertainment. Founded in 2007, AGT is a privately held company based in Switzerland, with more then a hundred Ph.Ds and data scientists operating in the company’s R&D centers in Germany, Israel and New York. For more information visit

About HEED

HEED is a new consumer platform that is transforming the sports and entertainment experience.  Using Internet of Things analytics and artificial intelligence, HEED delivers real-time stories, unique insights and a new way to visualize and engage with live events. Heed was co-founded by AGT International and Endeavor, with offices in New York City and Herzliya, Israel.

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