Consulting Services

AGT works alongside its partners to offer our customers comprehensive operational and efficiency assessments, and a modular suite of tailored professional services, including consulting on selection of sensors, devices and M2M interconnections; data science and applicable analytics training; integration of mobile applications; data security; logistics management; manufacturing optimization; safety enhancements; and privacy. Our IoT Experts offer professional services to our customers that help them to unlock the potential of IoT, and realize 20–30% in lowered costs (increased ROI).

Together with our partners we provide our customers with:

  • Better data utilization – Connecting people, processes, databases and all things across your organization
  • Improved processes – Using new data insights for better prediction
  • Enhanced productivity – Identifying redundancies, inefficiencies and human errors in your systems
  • Increased ROI – Using insights not obtained before

IoT Strategy Development

Developing an IoT strategy requires a holistic approach focused on business outcomes

The IoT encompasses everything: from connected wearable devices, security systems, thermostats, automobiles, sensors and home and commercial lighting, to electronic wallets and companies that monitor supply chains via embedded sensors. It is essential that you and your organization grow with these expanding data sources in order to open up new pipelines, remain efficient, stay connected to valuable data and maintain a profitable, competitive edge. As more and more devices get connected, your goal is still the same: to increase profitability through the creation of more efficient processes, and by making decisions based on the best available data.

AGT International has extensive experience designing, implementing and operating large-scale, complex projects across a broad range of industries that leverage big data analytics and our company’s IoT Analytics platform.  Our IoT Experts work with cities, nations and global organizations to help them better understand their IoT data and daily operations, and help them to tackle complex challenges in a more cost-effectively way.  Organizations with geographically distributed sites, supply chains and customers that need to manage both locally and globally stand to especially benefit from the insights our IoTExperts generate.

 Our IoTExperts

AGT’s IoTExperts will help you unlock the power of IoT analytics. We will trim the cost of your operations by 20– 30% (lower cost-to-serve), enriching your customers’ experience in the process.

  • IoT Readiness & Blueprint – Understanding your organization’s needs and challenges to better assess IoT readiness and blueprint
  • IoT Concept of Operations (CONOPS) – Assessment and design of the CONOPS required for IoT business processes
  • IoT Platform (AGT Applications) Design – Expert solution design support, from concept to customer proposal to final accepted design
  • IoT Platform (AGT Applications) Training – Training for IoT, software development kits (SDKs) and building an analytics application; remote developer support
  • IoT Data Science & Analytics – World-class data science and analytics applications, as well as models and tools to provide insights into and enrich ongoing operations
  • AGT’s Analytics Platform – Development Outsourcing – AGT’s developers work with system integrators to develop applications that meet our customers’ requirements and deadlines

Our IoT Partners

AGT and its partners, which include systems integrators and local solution
providers, bring broad expertise to bear on your IoT data challenges.
You focus on your customers. Leave the analysis work to us.

AGT, its partners and IoTExperts are:

  • IoT-Focused – Our IoTExperts live IoT and develop solutions that boost ROI. They know how to bring together people, processes, data and things to make the most of your data.
  • Experienced – We work together with our partners to advise on global projects of all types and sizes. We have supported over $8B billion worth of projects to date.
  • Knowledgeable – Our IoTExperts work within our core industries to better understand needs and requirements at all levels of our customers’ organizations.
  • Innovative – Our knowledge is backed by hundreds of researchers who work in our Germany-based R&D center to develop unique software and analytics that cater to our customers’
  • Unique – AGT possesses a pioneering IoT platform, advanced IoT analytics and unique concept-of-operations. Our IoTExperts work with AGT proprietary software and knowledge, tailoring specific solutions with our partners.
  • Scalable – We will work with you according to your needs and budget. Our IoTExperts know how to connect to minimal sensors, providing maximal data and the best possible output.

Targeted Markets

Our IoTExperts have vast domain knowledge and experience applying advanced analytics to improve prediction and detection of abnormal events, reducing response times and increasing both efficiencies and ROI.

Our core expertise is focused on the following domains:

  • Cities
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation & Ports
  • Oil & Gas
  • Industry & Supply Chain
  • Healthcare
  • Smart Consumer Markets

Selected IoT Projects

Peer Energy Cloud: Big Data Analytics on Building Sensors

IoTExperts Task: Work with our partners to combine IoT and big data analytics to solve renewable energy challenges

Users:  Smart-grid services (grid services and smart grid analytics); consumer services (private home owners, energy services, commercial buildings

 Intelligent City

IoTExperts Task: Strengthen inter-agency cooperation by optimizing municipal operational activities with better prediction of and response to abnormal events

IOT Data Sources: Video cameras, license plate readers (LPRs), mobile devices, social networks, environmental sensing, open data

AGT Management Platform & Apps: Real-time analytics, predictive analytics, visual analytics, heat maps, simulation, mobile applications

Users: Police Authority, Environment Authority, Traffic Authority, Water Authority, Civil Defense, Crisis Coordination Office

 Traffic Anomaly Detection

IoTExperts Task: Work with local systems integrator to detect real-time anomalies, identify incidents and congestion for the city government

IOT Data Sources: License plate readers (LPRs), surveillance cameras, mobile devices, social networks

AGT Management Platform & Apps: Real-time analytics, predictive analytics, visual analytics, heat maps

Users: DOT services (city operations center, responders); consumer services (incident alerts, alternate traffic routes)





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