AI commentator

“Automatically telling the story of a game”


The Challenge

Fewer and fewer people spend time watching full sporting events, but still want to be connected to the action. What if I had a good friend, who knows what I like, and tells me what is happening on the field, and when to tune in?

The Solution

This good friend is actually an AI robot built on IoTA. It analyzes every element of a physical event, like a basketball game, and automatically recognizes the trends and dramatic moments, telling me the story of the game.


We built a robot on top of IoTA that connects to various sensors in a sports venue, such as audio, video, and wearables covering the athletes, coaches, spectators, and remote audience. This robot analyzes human emotion, activities, and behaviors, as well as their correlation, and automatically reports the dramatic moments and stories.


The robot is being rolled out for the Euroleague’s 2017/2018 season.



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