AGT’s IoT Platform

Device-Agnostic Connections to IoT Devices

The AGT IoT Platform is the centerpiece of IoT solutions spanning a wide variety of industries and domains, from mega-events to connected businesses, smart cities, traffic, and public safety. The platform manages connections to any sensor or IoT device—whether it’s fixed or mobile—so that our IoT Analytics can extract massive volumes of raw data to make sense of highly variable, real-time information. It uses a device-agnostic approach to solving key problems in IoT data management and visualization that have typically been custom developed for each application.

Modular Design for Multiple Analytic Methods

Because the AGT IoT Platform uses a modular design, our solutions can extract rich semantic information about complicated phenomena such as human behavior. The platform brings together multi-sensor and data fusion, complex event processing that applies rule bases to real-time streaming data, computer vision-based video analytics, anomaly detection, facial recognition, and other analytics that transform the raw analog and digital data to high level concepts and information that are meaningful and actionable.

Built for Intuitive Visualization

The AGT IoT Platform includes a presentation layer that makes it much easier to visualize IoT data and use it to make informed business decisions.

Proven at Scale

AGT’s IoT Platform utilizes big data technologies and infrastructure that operate both in real-time and batch processing. The platform has successfully powered live events connecting tens of thousands of participants via video, RFID readers and wearables as well as huge citywide deployments with tens of thousands of sensors from multiple categories and types, producing petabytes of real-time data and providing insights for large numbers of users in operation centers as well as accessing analytics on smart devices.

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