AGT Social Media Platform

The AGT Social Media Platform is designed for mining and extracting open source data from the unindexed Web and gaining unique information not easily accessible in any other way. The platform enables sophisticated and automated searches through the use of an advanced tool – Robot Studio – to uncover and extract media rich information from social networks and the Deep Web.

Near Real-Time Search

Due to the vastness of the unindexed Web – about 15,000 times larger than the indexed Web – and the complexities of accessing it, manual social searches typically take hours, or even days, assuming that the user had an idea of where to look in the first place. Using the AGT Social Media Platform, the creation and setup of search criteria takes mere minutes, and responses are now received in near real-time.

The AGT Social Media Platform spans data sources such as geo-tagged Tweets, Facebook posts, blogs, forums and more. Sophisticated filtering capabilities enable operators to focus on items of particular interest out of (oftentimes) a huge number of results that might be returned by the robots. Additional analytics can extract (as an example) sentiments from this rich content, and specialized visualization tools make it easy to explore and analyze complex result sets.

A Proven Solution

Originally developed for and used by leading intelligence organizations around the world, The AGT Social Media Platform has now proven its commercial applicability in other domains & verticals, and has been deployed to provide solutions and meet information requirements in diverse settings, including creation of social-media sourced content, open-air festival management and to augment smart city initiatives.

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