Social IoT Platform

New content and consumer experiences

The Internet of Things (IoT) will change the way we communicate and the way we understand the world around us. IoT will change the way we party, and the way we watch and participate in sports. IoT will change how we manage our weight, and how we manage our health in general. Perhaps most exciting – IoT will change the way we learn.

IoT will be a powerful source of new content. Content that has never been seen before. Content that will change the way we see the world, and that will enhance our lives in meaningful ways.

IoT content will create new models of sharing, new models of communities, and new social interactions.

IoT will become Social IoT.

To realize this paradigm shift requires deep knowledge and unparalleled expertise – along with a visionary understanding of how the world will change. Proven knowledge and expertise in technology (such as sensors, devices and platforms), in data & analytics and in social media.

However, the true difference is in the vision, the vision of using IoT data and analytics for storytelling – creating interesting relevant stories, and packaging that content in meaningful ways.

AGT is uniquely positioned to pioneer the creation of Social IoT. Our proven solutions integrate a wide array of IoT sensors, our one-of-a-kind social & deep web search platform provides deep insights into online personas and activities, and our world-class analytics provide unparalleled new insights into both the virtual and tactile dimensions of our lives.

AGT’s solutions ingest IoT and deep web data (along with any other relevant data), and fuse it together. Our advanced analytics are applied across the data, creating unique insights that enable our customers to quickly develop compelling content deliverables. The combination of strong IoT technology, deep web search capabilities and advanced analytics will revolutionize the generation of content.

Our focus today is on sports and entertainment events, with a series of innovative applications that enhance the event experience, for fans & spectators, talent & teams, and producers & venue managers. Our unique technology and vision changes the way people experience live events, and consume entertainment.

Welcome to the world of Social IoT.

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